I have been enjoying a greyer morning, going through emails, then checking the various news sites I visit daily. My cup of tea lasted long enough for it to go a little beyond the temperature I enjoy, but that is alright as it was all part of the lingering. I am currently reading a book… Continue reading Portraits

What Makes A Hero?

“A person of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his or her brave deeds and noble qualities”. I like the phrase “brave deeds and noble qualities” as it resonates with me and reminds me of when I was a devotee of Pre-Raephelite artists, back in my undergraduate English student days. Handsome knights and beautiful damsels… Continue reading What Makes A Hero?


I spent a few hours yesterday watching either the BBC or CNN. What on earth was going on? I don’t want to share personal political views, so I will just stick to my experience of general feelings of dismay, distress, and bemusement. Our neighbour, the USA, has prided itself as being a beacon for democracy,… Continue reading Hope

Feeling Christmas

I have been on a hiatus, indulging in Christmas. I have enjoyed all the preparations, baking, decorating, and watching a few too many Hallmark Christmas movies! Christmas Eve was a pleasure, with family on Zoom, playing games-Name That Hum was much better remotely than I had expected! We watched Christmas Eve Mass from the Vatican,… Continue reading Feeling Christmas


I love advent calendars! Growing up, we only had picture ones, chocolate, or sweets were unheard of. My youngest sister (she is 10 years younger) was given a chocolate one each year once she was old enough for her own, and you can imagine how pleased her big sisters were! Now, there is every type… Continue reading Advent

Time And Tides

On Halloween we had a Hunter’s Blue Moon, something not seen since 1944. Think about it. In 1944, the world was still in the midst of a World War, the second in thirty years. D-Day had taken place, the Nazi forces were being driven back through the USSR, and slowly, Hitler’s War Machine was beginning… Continue reading Time And Tides

I was thinking about changes, how we have adapted ourselves to this new way of living life. My husband and I went out for dinner and as I did my makeup, I realised that I hadn’t worn lipstick for months. My mother would often remind me to put on my lipstick as I was heading… Continue reading

October Reflections

Two years ago, on October 17th, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I went to the doctor’s office to find out how a cyst was, after it had been aspirated. Instead, I learned that I had invasive ductal carcinoma and that it was grade 3, the highest grade. This meant that the cells in the… Continue reading October Reflections


The leaves fell off this week. It happens very suddenly and seems to be in one go-yesterday they were still beautiful colours on branches, today they are crackling beneath my feet. Meanwhile, the geese are packed and readying flight plans. Out with the dog, or in the garden I hear the calls of the flocks… Continue reading Thanksgiving

Dog vs. Bath…

Trying to bathe a Daniff, (which, if you do not know, is a Mastiff/Great Dane cross) who does not want a bath is tricky. I have learnt this over the three years I have lived with Penny. Penny is 110 pounds-that is just under 50 kilograms for those who think in metric. Many dog groomers… Continue reading Dog vs. Bath…


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