I was thinking about changes, how we have adapted ourselves to this new way of living life. My husband and I went out for dinner and as I did my makeup, I realised that I hadn’t worn lipstick for months. My mother would often remind me to put on my lipstick as I was heading to the door. It finishes off the picture, is the final dab of colour needed. I think of glamour, pretty purses with lipstick and compact waiting to be taken out in the powder room. My lipsticks haven’t left my purse for sometime.

I have been looking for, and buying, pretty and interesting masks. They cheer me up, and I rather enjoy trying to match the colours on the masks with the clothes I am wearing. I want to find a way to be brighter, make the best of this situation. I see many plain masks, either black or medical blue ones, and that is ok, we wear what makes us feel comfortable-perhaps wearing a plainer mask feels more serious and, for some people, more appropriate given the circumstances.

Back in 1918, there was an influenza epidemic. It spread and killed more people than the First World War that had just ended. To the people affected, it must have felt as though the misery would never end. It did, eventually. People had to learn to take better care of their health, to wear masks and wash hands, to avoid large gatherings.

Things did get better and that is something we need to remember. Our lives will change, we will continue to adapt. We have been learning to use lots of hand sanitizer, to wash our hands frequently. We have reduced our social lives, accustomed ourselves to the idea of cohorts.

What is a cohort? The word means a group of individuals, or a band of supporters. It also was a division in a Roman legion. I like the idea that it is a group of supporters, people who are not afraid to face hard times together, stand together.

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